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As the organization grew, we then began to organize and sponsor teams from both our adult street hockey and youth inline hockey leagues for participation in tournament play in an effort to get our participants and our organization more exposure to the greater hockey community. 

By 2006, we had significantly strengthened our league programming and tournament teams, and felt that it was time for our organization to take the next step in our efforts to further promote our sport not just locally, but throughout the western portion of the United States.  It was at this time that we launched the inaugural Sin City Shootout Street Hockey Tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada.  That first year, the event saw a total of 8 teams participating on a rink constructed in a ballroom within the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.  The event has since grown to become one of the largest and most anticipated single-rink events in the States, with participating teams/players hailing from across North America.        

Over the years, our organization has worked with the Los Angeles Kings, Anaheim Ducks and even the National Hockey League to host street hockey events throughout Southern California.  We have sponsored teams and players who have gone on to successfully participate in national and international events.  Our representatives have gone on to act as technical advisors, stunt personnel and actors in television/video productions.  As of a result of continuing growth and exposure of both our league and tournament programming, SoCal Street Hockey has become recognized as one of the leaders of the sport of street/ball hockey in the United States.

As an organization, we currently offer year-round street hockey programming, with league play hosted on a seasonal basis (Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall).  Divisional play ranges from Beginner thru Elite skill level.  Our male and female participants range from 15-50+ years of age, and hail from the far corners of Southern California to be a part of our community.

In addition to hosting local league play, SoCal Street Hockey promotes the sport by sponsoring travel teams and by hosting street hockey events, such as the annual Sin City Shootout Street Hockey Tournament and our newly launched Vegas Double Down Shootout Street Hockey Tournament, both of which are held in Las Vegas, NV.

In our continued effort to promote the great sport of hockey, we will continue to focus on strengthening our foundation of existing league and tournament street hockey programming, while also looking to build from that in order to establish inline programming, re-establish youth hockey programming and to expand our tournament program.

To date, our greatest achievement has been the strength of our community, which we fondly refer to as our SoCal Family.  Our success as an organization is the direct result of dedication of our participants and their commitment to our community.  To honor that dedication and commitment, we will strive to continue in our efforts to provide the best league and tournament programming possible for our SoCal Family!!

What Is Street Hockey?

Street hockey, also known as ball or dek hockey, is the dry land equivalent of ice hockey. 

Decades ago in Canada and the northeastern corner of the United States, recreational hockey was played on frozen ponds by both children and adults alike.  When the ponds thawed out in the spring and summer months, the skates were replaced with tennis shoes and the game relocated to any flat surface that could be found in the neighborhood. 

In 1970, a no-bounce orange ball and a set of rules were introduced, with the first leagues forming in the United States and Canada shortly thereafter.  During the decades since, the sport has grown significantly in participation and recognition, with leagues heavily populating North America and expanding into international markets where the sport of hockey was not widely recognized.  An international governing body (International Street & Ball Hockey Federation) and national governing bodies (i.e. the American Street Hockey Institute) have since been established over the years to better organize and promote the sport.

The official game is played with 6 players (3 forwards, 2 defensemen and 1 goalie) per side, and traditionally hosted on a rink with a concrete or sport court surface.  The sport is true to ice hockey in most rules, format and styles of play, though some rules and equipment requirements have been adapted to enhance the in-game experience (i.e. non-checking, use of an orange ball instead of a puck, automatic icing, reduced equipment requirements/costs, etc). 

If you are a hockey fan looking to play the game or just someone looking for a great workout in a team environment, the sport of street hockey may be just what you are looking for.  New teams and individual players are always welcome to join our SoCal Family!!!

In September of 2001, SoCal Street Hockey was launched in an effort to promote the growth and awareness of the fast-paced and exciting sport of street hockey (a.k.a. ball hockey).  At this time we assumed management of a program with deep roots (existing since 1978), but that had also struggled to maintain participants as a result of the inline hockey explosion that took place in the ‘90s. 

Our initial goal was to strengthen the core of the league through improved programming, a commitment to our participants and in striving to foster a sense of community with those involved with our programming. 
SoCal Street Hockey
SoCal Street Hockey
In 2011, a fellow ball hockey player named Stacy Gitlin decided to base her master's thesis on finding a way to both effectively explain and promote our sport to the general masses.  She set forth on a mission to travel across North America to interview league directors and tournament organizers to get a broader perspective of what our sport is and what it means to those who play.  Below is a selection of videos that were created as part of her "Hocumentary".  To see the full results of her efforts, please visit her website at http://www.dekhockeydoc.com/
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