Divisional Structure    
Summer '13
      Gold Division = Roster Appproval      
      Silver Division = 4 Pts      
      Bronze Division = 1 1/2 Pts*      
      Copper Division = 1/2 Pt**      
  * 2 & 1.5 Pt Players Must Be Approved By Management  
  ** 1 Pt Players Must Be Approved By Management  
    Player Ratings    
Summer '13 Season
  Position Players   Goaltenders  
  2 Point Player   1/2 Point Player   1 Point Player  
  Callahan, Mitch   Adelson, Josh   Kraye, Brandon   Miller, Steve  
  Shinn, Scott   Andres, Jonny   Kim, Peter      
  Thomson, Mike   Beaulieu, Philippe   Laderman, Aaron   1/2 Point Player  
      Beckler, Robert   Latorre, Dominick   Latorre, Dominick  
  1-1/2 Point Player   Burns, Ian   Les, Pete   Miller, Randall  
  Budlong, Paul   Calderon, Ericson   Lumpkin, Ian   Shinn, Scott  
  Hew, Kerry   Campbell, Chad   Konoske, Doug   Randall Miller  
  Kerr, Bobby   Carter, Dana   Malinsky, Derek      
  Nugent, Ryan   Chan, Mat   Mangiarde, Mike      
  Rodriguez, David    Cheney, Jon    Miller, Anthony      
  Schultz, Nate   Cheney, Matt   Miller, Fred      
      Clarke, Daniel   Miller, Randall      
      Creveling, Matt   Miller, Steve      
  1 Point Player   Dacuycuy, Brian   Miyake, Chris      
  Bender, Thomas   Dacuycuy, Mike   Novak, Kenny      
  Bos, Ryan   DeGoeas, Chris   O'Hea, Marty      
  Bearer, John   Dixon, Justin   Piotrowski, Marc      
  Ben Or, Ken   Dooling, Joey   Richardson, Drew      
  Callahan, Mike   Duran, Jesse   Riley, Sean      
  Creveling, Matt   Francis, Kevin   Russell, Kent      
  Dacuycuy, Aaron   Frost, Mitch   Sandercock, Kevin      
  Dacuycuy, Matt   Frechette, Paul   Shaw, Charlie      
  Dilorenzo, Mike   Gamm, John   Shrage, Jim      
  Green, Travis   Guerrero, Anthony   Sidhu, Paul      
  Jass, Jason   Hardy, Mark   Simon, Danny      
  Mueller, Greg   Hathaway, Mark   Skakel, Earl      
  Stone, Eric   Hill, Cody   Stapleton, Bill      
  Thompson, Jeff   Hill, Tyler   Stavropoulos, Steve      
  Thomson, Bo   Hoffman, Gene   Uribe, Damon      
  Thomson, Sean   Homa, Harrison   Verwiel, Dan      
  Uribe, Damon   Ibarra, Eric (Jr.)   Verwiel, Justin      
  White, Stephen   Jackson, Dallas   Whipple, Ryan      
      Jiwa, Al   Williams, Mark      
  ** Note:  SoCal Street Hockey management reserves the right to make changes to and/or approve team rosters  
  and individual player ratings at any time if it is determined to be in the overall best interests of the league.