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10th Annual Sin City Shootout

by SoCal Admin on 10/17/14

Dayes for the 10th Annual Sin City Shootout are set!!

February 20-22, 2015:  A/B & Rec/Rec+ Divisions

February 27-28/March 1, 2015:  C/D & Coed Divisions

More details forthcoming.  Teams, groups and individual players are welcome.  Please contact Terry Cox for questions and/or registration information.  You can also visit our Facebook Group to keep updated as we near closer to the event.  Cheers!! 

Weekend Divisions - Playoffs

by SoCal Admin on 10/17/14

Regular season team/player stats and standings are updated in our Stat Center.  Playoff seeding has been determined and the playoff schedule has been updated (see our Schedule section).  Best of luck to all teams/players as we head into the playoff rounds!!

Tuesday Night Division

by SoCal Admin on 10/17/14

Teams are set and the schedule has been released (please see our Schedule section).  The very best of luck to everyone participating this season!! 

Double Down Shootout Recap

by SoCal Admin on 10/17/14

The 2nd Annual Vegas Double Down Shootout was a tremendous success, especially given the numerous obstacles that were encountered along the way!!  As a result, future participation in the event, as well as in our Sin City Shootout event (February) will continue to grow.  Thank you to all who were able to make the trip!!  Special congrats to the following:

Open Division

Champions - Falco Steeler (Toronto, ON)

Finalists - SBL (Los Angeles, CA)

MVG -  Tony Iozzo (Falco Steelers)

MVP - Adriane Oliva (Falco Steelers)

MVP - Noel Fitzpatrick (SBL)

Rec Division

Champions - Gen Y (Garden Grove, CA)

Finalists - Heartbreakers (North America)

MVG - Robert Ramirez (Gen Y)

MVP - Adam Wodach (Gen Y)

MVP - Josh Helbers (Heartbreakers)

MVP - John Clark (Heartbreakers)

Team/player stats can be found at the tournament website (  Further information about this and other events will also be posted on our Facebook Groups.  Again, thank you to all who were able to make it to this year's Double Down Shootout!!!

'14 Vegas Double Down Shootout

by SoCal Admin on 09/03/14

Greetings All,

Hope you have a safe trip to Las is going to be a fun weekend for all!!

Couple of quick things in preparation for the event:

Balance of registration dues owed must be paid in full (cash) prior to your team's first game of the tournament.

  • No alcohol on the premises without the rink owner's consent.
  • All participants must complete the team roster/waiver form prior to stepping on the rink.
  • Teams must check-in 45 minutes prior to their first game.
  • BE PREPARED........if we are running ahead of schedule, as with our events in the past, we will start games earlier than advertised. This may be the result of a mercy game earlier in the day, games running smoothly with no delays/injuries, or any other of a number of variables/situations.......outside of the first game each day, games may start early.
  • Locker rooms will be assigned........please check the posted schedule to see what room your teams is assigned each game. Teams already occupying a locker MUST vacate said locker by the the start of the second period of the game following theirs. No exceptions.....please be courteous as the lockers are shared by everyone throughout the event.
  • Abuse of officials, excessive stick play and/or fighting will not be tolerated.
  • We have once again had to tweak the schedule........please see below for final version (barring emergency). Please note playoff start time changes (Sunday)......and a couple of games have changed.

We will be posted updates on the event Facebook Group and via Twitter on the event website.

Again, have a safe trip and I look forward to seeing all of you for a great weekend of ball hockey and Vegas fun!!


5-Sep 7:00 PM Rec Gen Y v Mayhem
5-Sep 7:50 PM Rec Can-Am Heartbreakers v LVSH Ace Holes
5-Sep 8:40 PM Open Falco Steelers v Can-Am Chiefs
5-Sep 9:30 PM Open SBL v Central City Zombies

6-Sep 8:00 AM Rec Can-Am Heartbreakers v Gen Y
6-Sep 8:50 AM Rec Mayhem v GBA
6-Sep 9:40 AM Open Falco Steelers v Can-Am Misfits
6-Sep 10:30 AM Open SBL v Can-Am Chiefs
6-Sep 11:20 AM Open Central City Zombies v JTT
6-Sep 12:10 PM Rec Can-Am Heartbreakers v GBA
6-Sep 1:00 PM Rec LVSH Ace Holes v Gen Y
6-Sep 1:50 PM Open JTT v Falco Steelers
6-Sep 2:40 PM Open Can-Am Misfits v SBL
6-Sep 3:30 PM Open Can-Am Chiefs v Central City Zombies
6-Sep 4:20 PM Rec Mayhem v LVSH Ace Holes
6-Sep 5:10 PM Rec GBA v Gen Y
6-Sep 6:00 PM Open Can-Am Misfits v JTT

7-Sep 7:00 AM Open Quarters 4 v 5
7-Sep 7:50 AM Open Quarters 3 v 6
7-Sep 8:40 AM Rec Quarters 4 v 5
7-Sep 9:30 AM Open Semis 1 v Low
7-Sep 10:20 AM Open Semis 2 v High
7-Sep 11:10 AM Rec Semis 2 v 3
7-Sep 12:00 PM Rec Semis 1 v 4/5
7-Sep 12:50 PM Open Finals
7-Sep 1:40 PM Rec Finals

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'14 Double Down Shootout
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September 5-7, 2014
Open & Rec Divisions
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